Days of Faith

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Carlos Lara

Next time you go to the hospital to visit a relative, or have an appointment with your doctor, greet them with a fist bump!

Anonymous asked: How do you know what you believe is true?


i believe that disney movies are beautiful bc i cry so much

nah, i honestly cry alot bc of God’s goodness, His presence and love literally just moves me in an indesrcibable manner. it is not in my strength that i know God is real, but in my very weakness that His realness is revealed. I have been through too much to not recognize that it’s only by HIS grace that I am alive today. 

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7 intriguing things you didn’t know about the Dead Sea
The still, dense waters of the Dead Sea have mystified people for thousands of years — yet there are many things we do know about the Dead Sea, and most of them may surprise you.

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Can’t refute this logic

Whale poop is a main ingredient in the most expensive perfumes.


He just accepts it right away.

<3 Is this love?